CETL Spring Teaching Talks and Workshops at Avery Point

You are invited to participate in a series of teaching talks and workshops throughout the Spring 2017 semesters.  The Teaching Talks offer an informal environment in which participants can comfortably share teaching concerns and discuss techniques and strategies with colleagues, experts, and CETL staff.  The Workshops may include more formal presentations but they, too, are interactive.  All UConn instructors—graduate students, TAs, and APIRs, as well as adjunct, tenure-track and tenured faculty—are encouraged to attend.  The schedule is as follows:


“Managing Difficult Conversations in Class” Teaching Seminar featuring Dr. Jane Fried—Wednesday, April 26, 12:30 – 1:45, ACD 309:  Conversations can get really difficult when everyone has the same information but different interpretations about meaning and significance. This experiential workshop focuses on perception, interpretation and learning to understand differences without defensiveness. Participants will learn to understand how differences of interpretation/opinion can easily lead to interpersonal conflicts. They will then practice several skills to help all students feel listened to and help students understand each other.

(Facilitator:  Jane Fried, Professor Emerita in the Department of Counselor Education and Family Therapy at Central Connecticut State University): Click here to register.


“Writing a Teaching Philosophy” Teaching Talk—Wednesday, May 10, 12:30 – 1:45, ACD 319:  At this session, participants will

  • Define the term “teaching philosophy”
  • Discuss its attributes, value and uses
  • Reflect on our teaching
  • Begin practicing with writing a teaching philosophy

(Facilitator:  Laurie Wolfley, CETL): Click here to register.


“Feedback and Assessment Strategies” Teaching Talk—Thursday, April 20, 12:30-1:45, MARN 312:  At this session, participants will discuss topics like

  • Formative and summative assessment
  • Criterion-referenced (individual performance) vs. proportionate grading (the curve)
  • Simple, everyday formative assessment strategies
  • Fairness in assessment
  • Alternatives to exams, tests, and quizzes

(Facilitator:  Wayne Trembly, CETL): Click here to register.    This session was canceled.


“Understanding Students” Teaching Talk—Thursday, February 2, 12:30 – 1:45, MARN 312:  At this session, participants will discuss topics like

  • Understanding the typical UConn student
  • Glimpsing college from a freshman’s perspective
  • Being sensitive to student anxiety, stress and depression
  • Adapting teaching for various learning styles
  • Teaching introverted students

(Facilitator:  Laurie Wolfley, CETL): Click here to register.


“Principles of Effective Course Design” WorkshopWednesday, March 1, 11:15-1:10, CPB 210: This introductory seminar provides an overview of instructional design, which is a systematic process for planning a course. You will begin to build a course design framework and walk away with tools and resources to customize your course plan.  This session is available to Avery Point Faculty through web conferencing with an in-person facilitator at the Avery Point Campus

(Facilitators:  David Des Armier and Tim Stubbs at Storrs and Desmond Mccaffrey at Avery Point, CETL): Click here to register.


“Exploring Flexible Teaching and Learning: Hybrid/Blended, Flipped, and Online Courses” Workshop Wednesday, March 1, 1:30-3:30, CPB 210: This workshop will provide faculty an opportunity to discuss several flexible modes of course delivery and explore the benefits and challenges associated with each. Participants will see examples of flexible courses and evaluate the potential benefit these methods might offer them in their practice. Resources available to UConn faculty will also be identified and discussed

(Facilitator:  Desmond Mccaffrey, CETL): Click here to register.


“Teaching Hybrid/Blended Courses:  Faculty Share their Mid-Semester Experiences” Teaching Talk—Wednesday, March 8, 10:00-11:30, CPB 210:  Please join a group of your Avery Point colleagues who are teaching hybrid/blended courses this semester. We will have an open conversation about their hybrid/blended courses, their motivations for using this method and their successes, challenges, and plans for the future. Staff from UConn’s eCampus and Educational Technologies will facilitate the discussion in person and remotely (Facilitators: Desmond Mccaffrey, CETL, and Dan Facchinetti, Ed Tech): Click here to register.


“Enhancing Student Motivation” Teaching Talk—Thursday, March 23, 2:00 – 3:15, ACD 319:  At this session, participants will discuss topics like

  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • The role of choice in motivation
  • Engaging student passion as a means of motivation
  • The importance of the teacher/student relationship in motivating students
  • Challenge and reward
  • The reluctant learner

(Facilitator:  Wayne Trembly, CETL):  Click  here to register.


“Group and Teamwork” Teaching Talk—Friday, March 31, 1:15-2:30, ACD 319:  At this session, participants will discuss topics like

  • Choosing the best projects
  • Designing (scaffolding) group/team assignments and timelines
  • Making expectations and instructions clear
  • Preparing students for group/team work
  • Monitoring, assessing and providing feedback on progress

(Facilitator:  Laurie Wolfley, CETL): Click here to register.



Attend all the sessions or choose only those covering the topics that most interest you.