Have you requested your HuskyCT sites for the upcoming semester? *

*Starting in January 2016 HuskyCT will automatically appear for all lecture classes (lab and discussions will still need to request sites)

  • Request HuskyCT Sites for Summer and Fall Classes

    Instructors of record can now request HuskyCT sites for summer or fall courses using the Student Admin System (PeopleSoft). These sites will be created on a new server so instructors will need to log in at to access them.  By the time summer classes begin, “” will also go to the new server.

    Some of the changes and new features that will be available in the upgraded system include a student preview function that is operational prior to the HuskyCT site going live to students, the integration of SafeAssign with the regular assignment tool, and both anonymous and delegated grading for assignments.

    For course request instructions or more information about the new features that will be available in HuskyCT starting with summer courses, please visit the Instructional Resource Center website.

    For more information, contact: Instructional Resource Center at 860-486-5052/

Confused by so many course titles in your “My HuskyCT Classes” box?
Titles end with a the four – digit PeopleSoft/StudentAdmin code.  Please make certain you are working on your current site!  Course titles from prior semesters can be hidden using these instructions.

For more information, contact: Instructional Resource Center

at 860-486-5052 or
  • HuskyCT Tip – Preventing Grade Center Problems

    Instructors frequently ask why students are seeing grades from columns that aren’t visible to the instructor in the Grade Center.  The answer is that the column has been hidden from the instructor in the Grade Center but not hidden from the students in My Grades. By using Student View and accessing the “My Grades” tool, instructors will be able to see the discrepancy and identify the columns that still need to be “hidden from users”.  To fix the problem, instructors will need to first unhide the column in the Grade Center and then hide it from the students.

    If the default Total column is still showing to students they are probably also seeing a score in that column. This “external grade” Total column has a green checkmark next to the title and appears in all HuskyCT sites. By default, it is set to add all columns in the Grade Center. External grade columns cannot be deleted, so we highly recommend disabling this column if not being used. Please consult this help file or the video tutorial for instructions.

    For more information on this topic and links to related help files, please see this week’s post on the HuskyCT Updates blog. To follow our blog and receive email notifications on HuskyCT known issues, new features, new help files, handy tips, best practices and upcoming events just click on the “Follow” button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

    For more information, contact: Instructional Resource Center at 860-486-5052/